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Exploring Curves

July 2018



Old Market House Art Centre Dungarven


Spring 2017


Dungarvan Harbour
Eliza Reposing 1
Eliza Sitting

       Exploring Curves

The curve is a poetic line that merits special attention. Restraint compression and assumed balance are applauded as the result of the humble contour. These arcs shape, define and fuse form, sometimes snaking, looping and often turning back on themselves. All drawing is a vital process, a voyage of discovery and composition is a puzzle of visual elements. Every composition is a statement about harmony. No more so than in “The Golden Ratio.”To use examples such as a nude painting, which inevitably contains curves and compare/ contrast it with a still life or landscape thereby proving that not only is the nude a series of curving shapes but that it can be compared to hills in a landscape or curving shapes in a still life. If this be the case, equally, a still life with curved objects can be compared to a series of shapes in a landscape or nude painting thus allowing the spectator to enter into the work and to daydream their way around the piece comfortably.




        To capture line, shape, form and colour has long been the quest of Fine Artist Lupita De Bhail. Then to take that line and develop it into shape and form, and to give that form colour which is meaningful has been her endeavour. She uses acrylics and pastels to capture the elusive nuances of light and shade as a way of defining form in her still lives, landscapes and figure paintings.  All of the above mentioned elements are used to create balance which is crucial to the overall composition of her work. This balance is created by using these elements in tandem so that a strong rhythm permeates throughout her work.

        Lupita graduated in Fine Art from The National College Of Art and Design, Dublin  with an Honours qualification in education. She subsequently pursued a teaching career where she became Head of the Art department for many years. A keen interest in music and theatre led to commissions for set design and their execution for amateur and professional stage productions. She also worked to commission when asked. However, she always had the desire to paint her own work and so she retired in December 2011.

        Lupita works from her own studio but is also a member of the Live Art group Tramore. They meet on Wednesdays for Life Drawing/Painting and on Fridays for other disciplines. She is a member of the South East Plein Air group and has taken part in their paint out competitions which are organised every summer. These attract artists from all over the world.

        Lupita has achieved a lot of what she set out to do but still strives to achieve more. She has exhibited in Cork Opera House, The Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore on many occasions. She has also taken part in Art on the Railings in the Viking Triangle, Waterford and she has exhibited in the Imagine Festivals over the last number of years. In 2016 she exhibited her work at Garter Lane, Waterford for which she received very high praise. She also exhibited in Wexford as part of the South East Plein Air exhibition and was delighted to bring her work to you at The Old Market House Art Centre.

Eliza Reposing 2
Squirrel at Mount Congreve

Recent Exhibition

A selection of recent works were on display in the Coastguard Station. There were  works from other artists from The Live Art Group  who meet every Wednesday.

Summer 2016

Mount Congreve Gardens.

Some of the beautiful wildlife and garden paintings were on display

Summer 2016

Azalia Tree Lupita De Bhail
Hare at Mount Congreve
Charlotte Street Wexford
La Fontana,
The Quay, Waterford:
Various works

Autumn 2017

From Abstraction Back to Realism:
Garter Lane Arts Centre

February March 2016

Rosemary Higbee, John Cullinan and Lupita De Bhail:
From Abstraction Back to Realism:
Garter Lane Arts Centre

February March 2016

 Still Life with Copper Jug


Since the beginning of human existence on this planet human, beings have sought to express themselves in art forms, mainly painting and sculpture.  Examples have been left to us in many caves throughout the world, all confirming the significance of art.  When we get an example of this art on our doorsteps we should ensure that we avail of the opportunity to see it.
Three Waterford artists have come together to bring an art exhibition to the public under the heading “From Abstraction Back To Realism”. Peter Jordan, who officially opened the exhibition stated that “The title is interesting as all art lies somewhere on the spectrum between realism or naturalism and abstraction”. This is very true of this exhibition as three very different styles of painting are represented here by the three artists ranging from the abstract works of Rosemary Higbee, to the stylized floral paintings by John Cullinan and the expressionistic realism in Lupita De Bhail’s work.
Each of the three artists that exhibited  has shown a lifelong commitment to their art and will, I am sure, continue to do so well into the future. Peter Jordan, in his closing comments of his  introduction to the exhibition said that “These works merit serious attention and offer significant value both aesthetically and monetarily to any prospective buyer”