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Using a camera to capture a subject


Many artists have argued about the use of the camera when it comes to painting. Some argue it’s a necessity others, feel it is misleading. I disagree I think the use of a camera in doing my artwork is important. The photograph becomes a tool in the process of creating a place in time, a response to an atmosphere, or a feeling about a place.

Sometimes when out for a walk with family or friends, I can be inspired by something I see along the route. It could be that the colours catch my eye or the shape of an object, a case in point is the shape and contours of a weed growing on the side of a country path. Sometimes it’s how a subject contrast with its background or the shadows that it casts.

So, while Art is subjective it is the expression of a personal perspective, and while photographs combine the senses so that we see and remember at the same time it’s an important tool for any artist to capture the essence of a subject. It’s how we translate that onto canvas is what matters.

My advice to all artists and painters is to keep an open mind.



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